Act Fast: Free Lighting in Layers DVD Promo at Midwest

Quick heads-up on a great deal: Midwest Photo is giving away a free 7-DVD set of Lighting in Layers (more info on the DVDs, here) with every single Jumpstarter kit purchased, while supplies last.

The Jumpstarter kits are already a great value. The no-flash kit actually costs less than the DVDs themselves, at $142.99. But no matter which kit you might be considering—the no light, single-light, add-a-light, or two-light version—the DVD set addition makes it an even better value.

Two things to know:

1. You have to enter the code HOBBYSHIP at checkout.
2. The deal also includes free UPS ground shipping within continential US. You have to calculate shipping before you enter the code. But it should take it off after the code is entered, if you choose Ground UPS and live in the lower 48.

You can learn more about the core components of the kits here, in Lighting 101.

Links to the various versions of the Jumpstarter kits follow below:

Lighting Kit WITHOUT Flash ($142.99)

Lighting Kit WITH LumoPro LP180 Flash ($271.99)

Add-A-Light Kit ($198.00) (Includes LP180 flash, but no Ares remote)

2-Light Kit ($469.99) (Includes 2 LP180 flashes, remote, stands, umbrellas, case, etc.)

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