ok this is just a reminder to everyone who was at the meeting today and an update to those of you who couldn’t make it.

Our exhibition will be held on FRIDAY 13 MAY 3PM!

We have agreed to meet at the Tower Bar at 2:30 on friday and proceed to our location at 3. We have agreed that the best location for us all is under the Brayford bridge and the space with the benches. People who have planned to hand their things will have space along the railings which provides an excellent hanging upport.

The best way to do this will probably be through using string or cable ties and a small hole in your work.

The space there will also provide an area for those who want a table.

This location will give us the best chance of public interaction because of the number of people going under the bridge.

Does anyone have any questions?



  • any ideas on how I could possibly show videos and screen based work?

    • Is it worth speaking with the Odeon?

      Perhaps hiring out a screen?

    • the best thing might be to just bring your laptop and set it on a table. we are unlikely to get the odeon with such short notice as they will have already booked and advertise screens and particularly friday will be busy.

    • I wouldn’t mind getting a screen of some sort really as showing my project work on a small laptop screen isn’t ideal is it. The same as showing your prints on a small piece of paper.

    • that is actually exactly what im doing 🙂 in an attempt to disrupt the idea of exhibiting full of quality appearance. It is a way to portray exactly what it is – an image. that is it. no special paper, no frames, no special ink, not over sized- just paper

  • That’s good stuff.

    Happy to hear you’re all pulling together on this.

    I am available on Monday if anyone wants to meet up re exhibition?


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