Exhibition Dress Code

Rachael and I have been talking about the exhibition next Friday; and have come up with a genius idea of what to wear!

Although this may seem conformist, we assure you it isn’t! We will be sporting plain primark t-shirts (preferably white) and will be using marker pens to express in a comical fashion our opinions and feelings to summarise the end of the project. We feel that this directly relates to the rhizomatic approach we have been encouraged to utilise throughout the semester, and believe it is fitting with the theme of the exhibition taking place in a open public space.

The language will not be offensive,  but expressive! Rach and I will be providing marker pens for anybody who would like to join us, just wear a cheap t-shirt and we will be more than happy to assist you in decorating your top!

We have a very good idea of what we are planning to write….but we will leave this as a surprise for the big day! Of course everybody can have different phrases/words as they so wish.

Doing this a bit of fun to maximise the enjoyment of one of our last  ‘hand ins’ this year! Comment below if you plan to get involved, or have any opinions on this.


Pip and Rach



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